Macron’s Mea Culpa: too little, too late?

    Macron bears a heavy responsibility in the current imbroglio. His economic and fiscal policies have proven inadequate, while his political maneuvers and communication strategies have been largely deficient.

    The strong mobilization of the “Yellow Vests” has taken France’s circles of power by surprise. What started as marginal demonstrations against the imposition of a new eco-tax has slowly transformed into a large political movement.

    Macron’s policies and strategies have undoubtedly exacerbated the situation and led to the present political crisis. Ironically, soon after he was elected, President Emmanuel Macron stated, in a long interview with the Guardian (20 October 2017), that he was “not made to lead in calm weather”, but instead, he was “made for storms”. However, when the first real political test came to him as president, Macron looked rather overwhelmed.

    For many observers, Macron’s presidency has been nothing but a catalogue of errors. The president’s insistence to offer tax cuts to the top wealthy individuals in France and scrap the wealth tax (ISF), arguing that such measures encouraged investment, have proven to be a strategic mistake. On the one hand, this approach has caused a 10.5-billion-euro hole in the 2018 budget, which equals a 39-percent drop in total taxes received in 2017.

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