Interview with Selma Jahic, Srebrenica genocide survivor

    Watch our interview with Selma Jahic, a Srebrenica genocide survivor, who retells the horrors of what she witnessed as a child.

    Interview with Nafisa Latic: Media coverage of Srebrenica genocide

    Watch Nafisa Latic, TRT World news anchor, talk about her views – as a Bosnian woman and as a journalist – on the media...

    Interview with Ahmed Bedier on America’s race issues

    Watch Ahmed Bedier, President of United Voices for America, speak on the killing of George Floyd and wider race issues.

    Interview with Sener Akturk: Comparative perspective on Covid-19

    Watch Associate Professor Şener Aktürk, Senior Fellow at TRT World Research Centre, offer a comparative perspective on politics and society post coronavirus​.

    Interview with Ravale Mohydin on appeal of Turkish drama in Pakistan

    Watch TRT World Research Centre’s researcher Ravale Mohydin discuss the reasons behind the appeal of Turkish drama Ertugrul in Pakistan and beyond.

    Interview with Professor John Ashton on Britain’s response to Coronavirus

    Watch Professor John Ashton speak about what has gone wrong in Britain’s response to Coronavirus and what needs to be done.

    The Debrief – “We Heard It Coming”: US Lethal Ops in Somalia

    TRT World Research Centre's investigation presents credible evidence that some 21 civilians were killed in the Lower Shebelle region in Somalia by manned and...

    Foreign Policy and the News Coverage of the Kashmir Dispute

    Examining the international coverage of the Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India.

    Francois Burgat on discourse around political Islam, success and failures of the Arab spring

    François Burgat, a Senior Research Fellow (Emeritus) at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, discusses the discourse around political Islam, and the reasons...

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