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Poetry & solidarity: The making of my Palestine consciousness

Growing up in Turkey, Burak Elmalı reflects on his earliest encounters with the Palestinian cause through Turkish literature, and the messages of resilience, solidarity, and unity that continue to resonate today. Camp David, Oslo, Abraham Accords… Each of these handshaking ceremonies with glimmers of hope has brought its share of deadlock. Decades have passed, and today,…

Great Powers, Climate Change, and Global Environmental Responsibilities

Great Powers, Climate Change, and Global Environmental Responsibilities, edited by Robert Falkner and Barry Buzan, is a significant contribution to the realm of international relations and environmental politics. The book comprises thirteen chapters and presents an outstanding structure of foundational conceptual frameworks, subsequently exemplified by pertinent case studies. Download the full Book Review

Türkiye’s Medium-term Plan: A New Chapter Begins

Türkiye has recently unveiled its Medium-Term Program for 2024 – 2026, a document that outlines Türkiye’s targets for inflation, unemployment, and economic growth for the next two years. The program signals Türkiye’s ambitions in the rapidly evolving world order. The program’s focus on energy, climate change, and technology offers clear routes and indications in that…

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