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A Balancing Act: Türkiye and the Russia-Ukraine War

This Policy Outlook examines Türkiye’s position towards the Russia-Ukraine War in the context of its recent foreign policy initiatives. Türkiye has emphasised the importance of international law and state sovereignty in the Russia-Ukraine War. Moreover, Türkiye has avoided alienating Russia through its non-participation in Western-led sanctions. The Policy Outlook also explores the ongoing debates about […]

We have to be realistic about climate change and the war in Ukraine

It is challenging for the war in Ukraine to be a turning point in the fight against climate change when governments look for non-Russian fossil fuels instead of shifting to renewables. The Russia-Ukraine War has lasted for four months and counting. It has raised various questions about new waves of refugees, energy resources, food prices […]

Heard vs. Depp and the Consequences for Women’s Rights

We still have a long way to go when it comes to women’s rights and unequal treatment. Our culture’s response to gendered violence and victim credibility still needs a re-definition and a reform, especially on the online platform, and this trial is clear proof of that. What happened in the courtroom? In 2018, Amber Heard […]

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