Reports identify and examine relevant issues and events and provide specific findings. They contain original research results, or review existing results and adhere to academic standards.

In the last 15 years, Turkish engagements in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) have increased, attracted wider international attention and become a phenomenon worthy of discussion.

Since 2013, France has enhanced its security cooperation with Egypt to unprecedented levels, including the sale of a wide range of military technologies, creating a financial windfall for French defence contractors while simultaneously serving the policy objectives of France’s strategic agenda.

The publication highlights the importance of the Afghan Peace Process along with how the Pakistani government could leverage their facilitation of successful US-Taliban talks to secure Aafia’s release, two independent events which, as this publication investigates, appear to be intertwined.

The report documents 11 New Zealand-based cases of ZSIS harassment, coercion and blackmail between 2008 and 2017.

This report examines the historical background of the north-south hostility in Yemen, the activities of actors on the ground, and interventions of regional actors.

This report looks at how the world’s power elite have prioritised Africa's reserves over its people by exerting control in key regions in the continent for self interests.

The report ‘No one hears us’ documents the horrific torture of women in Syria’s dungeons as part of a deliberate strategy employed by the Syrian regime. In light of these crimes against humanity, the TRT World Research Centre calls for an impartial investigation into the use of systemic torture and gender based violence.

This report covers all phases of Brexit, from the historical background to the factors that led to the Brexit referendum itself

This report analyses the institution of the Arab Maghreb Union in North Africa and the reasons for its failure

This report provides a look ahead at 2019 with the researchers at the TRT World Research Centre highlighting what they believe will be some of the most significant developments around the world this year

This report analyses the Jamal Khashoggi affair in light of Turkish-Saudi relations and the geopolitical dynamics of the Middle East.

This article analyses the Gulf crisis and explores the historical, strategic, and geopolitical dynamics that led to the crisis and looks closely at the rivalries taking place in the region. Against a backdrop of geopolitical tensions and cyber threats, the paper also reviews some of the most notorious cyber-attacks that occurred in the Gulf region, while shedding the light on recent manifestations of the blockade imposed on Qatar and the ensuing political and media warfare.

This study explores the connection between relevant media variables and Turkish citizens’ negative perception of Syrian refugees’ economic impact. It concludes that media is an important consideration for protecting social harmony and can be used as an instrument to promote integration efforts between the two communities.

This report explores the historical background of the disunity of the Korean peninsula, proposes alternatives to the failing policies of the US and its allies, as well as discussing the advantages and disadvantages of a possible Korean unification.

Main stream media narratives misconstrue Turkey’s political system and the leadership of the country by denigrating the Turkish democracy, painting an image of an authoritarian state that stands in contradiction with Western norms. There are also other narratives, which denigrated Turkey’s economic success story by building an image of a country in crisis, and instilling fear and panic among investors and the business community.

This report examines the development of the electoral system in Russia, with particular emphasis on the election culture since the establishment of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic to the recent 2018 elections. It analyses changes during six administrations (Lenin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and Putin) and explores the role each have played in moulding the constitutional and legal system in order to gain power and become the leader of their time.

Turkey launched Operation Olive Branch together with the internationally recognised opposition group in Syria, Free Syrian Army, to clear terrorist groups from its borders, namely the PYD/YPG.

Syria has always been among the top stories for TRT World. The Research Centre brings more depth to the Syrian War by this recent work. The report aims to highlight the central aspects of the ongoing war in Syria which has been laying waste to the country.