Policy Outlook

Policy Outlook discuss the contours of a specific issue, examine the main players, their strategies, and make forecasts about how the situation could potentially unfold. This format is designed to offer a concise yet erudite overview of a particular event or issue and is primarily catered towards media professionals and organisations.

This policy outlook aims to examine the European Parliament elections, the probable victory of Eurosceptic populist parties, and the implications for the future of the EU.

The Policy Outlook aims to underscore the following message: If the newly appointed local governments led by the CHP continue to view Syrian refugees as a burden and not as the opportunity they present, they most likely will not only lose out on the economic benefits and thus deprive Turkey of the gains, but also stand a chance to lose the next election.

This policy outlook aims to examine some of the strategic deficiencies produced by the Western media when reporting the Muslim World

The rise of the far-right and white supremacy pre-dates the War on Terror. The lack of focus on this threat stems from an inherent legal-architectural design flaw, which has been in place since 9/11.

Politics in Algeria is known for, if nothing else, its opacity. Since the end of the war of independence in 1962 the country has been governed by groups claiming to be the guardians of the legitimacy of the revolution.

The war in Syria has provided terrorist groups with new opportunities to expand their support base and fields of operations.