Policy Outlook

Policy Outlook discuss the contours of a specific issue, examine the main players, their strategies, and make forecasts about how the situation could potentially unfold. This format is designed to offer a concise yet erudite overview of a particular event or issue and is primarily catered towards media professionals and organisations.

This paper provides an overview of Russia’s broad strategy; its capabilities within the contours of Russian-Turkish relationship.

Popular support for Operation Peace Spring among Syrians has to do with Turkey being the only state supporting majority-rule in Syria, unlike Russia, Iran, France, and the United States, all of which support various factions that depend on small ethnic sectarian and ideological minorities.

Since the beginning of October 2019, widespread unrest has engulfed Baghdad with thousands of demonstrators protesting the regime due to a high unemployment rate, the lack of services, and rampant corruption.

This policy outlook assesses Turkey’s options in its quest to purchase its next fighter aircraft.