Info Packs

Info Packs are designed as a source of information for both general and specialist audiences. They outline the facts and major issues of a given issue and present the subject in a clear and concise matter employing visual aids including timelines, maps and infographics.

This info pack sheds light on the current election climate in Tunisia, how Tunisia has developed in the last 8 years since the overthrow of longtime president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who the main candidates running are and why the political system remains polarised.

This info-pack aims to provide the necessary background information on Turkey’s procurement of the S-400 air defence system. It outlines the history of Turkey’s pursuit of air defence systems, followed by a detailed look at the technical and operational specifications of the S-400 system. Finally, the US position towards Turkey’s purchase of S-400s and potential US sanctions against Turkey will be evaluated.

This info pack will focus on Turkey’s perspective regarding developments related in energy and security in the East Mediterranean and will discuss the two contesting interpretations/approaches regarding the continental shelf in the Eastern Mediterranean, which form the core of the debate and the basis of the current tensions in the region.

The Judicial Reform Strategy Document adopts the development of a human-oriented approach to service, protection and strengthening of rights and freedoms, ensuring the independence and impartiality of the judiciary, facilitating access to justice services, observing the right to a fair trial and increasing trust in the judiciary.

This info pack aims to provide necessary information regarding the latest developments in mayoral elections of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

This info pack provides essential facts on India’s 2019 presidential elections.

On March 31, Turkey held local elections throughout the country. With a recorded turnout of 84.7%, over 48 million of 57 million eligible voters exercised their democratic rights.

This info pack provides essential facts on Ukraine’s 2019 presidential elections, major issues determining voter decisions and the leading candidates.

This info pack analyses the potential impact of the national economy on local elections.

This info pack delves into the question of why local elections are an important phenomena in Turkish political life.

This info pack provides essential facts on Nigeria's 2019 general elections, major issues determining voter decisions and the leading contenders for the country’s top office.

This info-pack aims to provide the necessary background of recent developments in Syria with Turkey’s involvement in the northeast of the country.

This info pack details how the G20 was established and the mechanisms by which this global forum operates.

This info pack analyses why the November 2018 mid-term elections in the United States have been the subject of global attention, and why many across the globe have been watching carefully to assess whether the Trump Administration’s policies will witness any significant changes moving forward.

Playing a pivotal role in preventing a crisis in Idlib, Turkey has been trying to preserve the cease-fire that was reached in an agreement with Russia.

This info-pack analyses the Jamal Khashoggi affair and investigates key questions surrounding this political assassination.

The disqualification and 10 year imprisonment of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif just three weeks before the elections has raised doubts and questions whether an efficient level of governance can be achieved. Uncertainties and military interventions in civilian government have resulted in no prime minister being able to serve his full term in office.

On July 1st Mexicans will have the opportunity to renew their government at the municipal, state and federal level. More than 3,400 elected offices are up for grabs, which makes it the biggest election in Mexico’s history.

This info-pack provides information on the significance of Turkey's upcoming election, the electoral process for electing the president and members of parliament, and the presidential candidates.

TRT World Research Centre’s report on the Iran sanctions case provides a detailed information about the developments in one of the most controversial cases in the US in order to shed light on the controversies.

TRT World Research Centre’s report on the constitutional amendment explains what the proposed changes mean for the country’s political future. Discussed in the light of previous referenda, the report illustrates debates around the shift to a presidential system.