In order to preserve its political and economic power in the region in the wake of hostile developments around the country, Turkey began to search for other mechanisms to wield its influence. As a result, Turkey has found itself launching military bases in Qatar and Somalia and military intervention in Syria.

The shine on Russian president Vladimir Putin’s honeymoon, after his landslide victory in the March elections, appears to be coming to be dulling.

The self-serving policies of global trade giants may provide a small window of opportunity for developing nations to improve their own global competitiveness.

It is not the first time Jerusalem sits at the centre of a political contestation though. It has changed hands 44 times, been besieged 23 times and destroyed to the ground twice throughout its history.

The true motivation behind Addis Ababa's recent diplomatic efforts in the region, however, is to stop the imminent loss of its dominant role.

Trump’s decision to move embassy to Jerusalem has only strengthened Russia’s desire to showcase more power as an acknowledged mediator. What are the main reasons for this grave Russian concern for the U.S.’ Jerusalem decision and seeking immediate resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Israel is alarmed at the increasing Iranian presence in Syria once more, especially after the trilateral summit between Russia, Turkey, and Iran, and it seems to be turning to the self-help option at a time the U.S. announced its intentions to leave Syria.

So what does it mean to be Syrian? What does it mean to have lived through the past seven years, experiencing the development of breaking news, from "live shots fired at protesters", to "one person killed by a sniper", to full on-massacres - until breaking news no longer existed as a concept?

Turkey is a member of NATO but some NATO and European countries haven't backed its operation in Syria's Afrin. Are the dissenting countries fearful of Turkey's role in the Middle East?

If Facebook wants to maintain its status as the world's biggest social media network it will need to rebuild trust, yes, but more importantly it will need to share a piece of the pie.