After decades of bad press, the representation of Pakistan has become tainted internationally. The country is more often than not depicted as a breeding ground for terrorism. With the passage of time, this has allowed negative perceptions to take root in the mindset of people around the world.

Instead of providing meaningful information about Khashoggi’s disappearance or even offering substantial counter-evidence, the Saudi media’s reaction ranged from total denial and obfuscation to the construction of baseless conspiracy theories.

Diversity and difference, both within and between societies, continually give rise to a series of important and potentially divisive questions, as societies embodying different civilizational outlooks and values and divergent epistemologies are increasingly voicing differences on issues ranging from political representation and social autonomy to gender and sexuality. Finding morally defensible and politically viable answers to these questions is arguably one of the great challenges of our time.

Women continue to face many hurdles to reach positions of leadership – hurdles that their male counterparts don't. There is now female leadership without fair access.

Granting citizenship to Syrians in Turkey is a topic of discussion today more than ever before. So far, more than 50,000 Syrians have acquired Turkish citizenship. This has ignited debates among the Turkish public, primarily due to the provocative media coverage of the topic and increasing nationalism in Turkey.

The network of alliances that the America has built over the last 70 years is slowly being unstitched by Trump.

Women have not caused anywhere near as much destruction and chaos as men in power have. Many women have, though, often defied the stereotypes associated with women leaders.

The Saudi-UAE cold war with Iran has been a hot war for most of the Middle East. Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen bare the brutal scars of outside powers competing for influence.

US policy is increasingly marred by erratic behaviour masquerading as well thought out policy and the Turkish political establishment can see through it.

The United States under Trump is ratcheting up international tensions with disastrous consequences for world affairs.