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The murder of Jamal Khashoggi continues to leave its mark on global affairs.

Nothing is certain in Tunisia's presidential election, only the second since the 'Arab Spring'.

The European Union's lack of support to Turkey in handling the refugee crisis is forcing Ankara to allow safe passage to Syrian refugees on their way to Europe.

India has managed to build a powerful, culturally acceptable, image abroad over the last half-century. Is Prime Minister Narendra Modi inadvertently tearing that down?

The impact of the Syrian civil war created massive humanitarian crises and destabilized the current political structures in many countries around the globe. There are two main discourses competing in the emerging trend of political discourse.

How the India-Pakistan feud has played out on Twitter.

Turkey's support to the UN-backed Government of National Accord in Libya should be replicated by other responsible global powers.

Recent Israeli strikes in its neighbourhood are a calculated risk, but no matter how controlled, they can quickly spin out of control.

If the Uzbek president wants genuine reform of religious freedoms in the country, he faces a steep uphill battle.

The UAE's actions in Yemen will have the same effect their policies have had in the rest of the Arab world: spreading disorder.