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Removing military control over Algeria's politics is a lengthy process that will not be ended by protests or elections.

Arab governments criticising Turkey's operation in northeastern Syria don't have a leg to stand on.

Central Asia could become a spoiler for all of Beijing’s big Belt and Road ambitions.

While power is the capacity to direct the behaviour of others through any means necessary, ‘soft power’, a term first coined by Joseph Nye in 1990, is essentially power without the use of coercion or force.

The Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States is ready to welcome Uzbekistan as a new member while Turkmenistan expects to become an observer state.

Berlin has the political capital to persuade key players to support an effective political process in Libya

Far-right nationalism has been underestimated for decades and the threat it poses only slowly being recognised.

Syria is the battleground where the new order for the Middle East will emerge.

US President Donald Trump's aggressive approach towards NATO doesn't serve its own long-term interests.

It is time for international powers to end their short-sighted action in Libya and step up to find a solution to the civil war.