In the coming years, Turkey and Pakistan are more likely to experience greater cooperation

The EU along with Russia and China have opposed the Trump administration on trashing the Iran nuclear deal.

Macron bears a heavy responsibility in the current imbroglio.

Representatives from the six Arab Gulf states are expected to attend the annual summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which will be held in Saudi Arabia on December 9.

Israel's latest operation has led to rumours of another war, but outside of rhetoric, it doesn't look like either side is ready to stomach such a conflict.

Syrian women who have lost their husbands in the conflict are challenging stereotypes to make ends meet. A view from a refugee camp in southern Turkey.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has the momentum to strengthen Ethiopia's democratic institutions and restore trust in the system. The trick is to turn this goodwill into tangible policy change.

Could the opening of the Kartarpur Crossing, to facilitate the Sikh community on both sides of the Pakistan-India border, be a step towards talks or initiating a peace process? The Indian media and the Indian government are not interested.

Women are often portrayed simply as victims of war playing a passive role in the conflict. The truth is that they have a far more crucial capacity in determining the fate of a conflict.

The post-Arab Spring democratisation process in Tunisia has been one of the more hopeful stories of the region's revolutions. But unfortunately today the country is fast becoming a buffer zone for Daesh and other extremists.