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The more financial and military support Libya's Khalifa Haftar receives from various countries, the more this war will continue to hamper a credible process of national reconciliation.

If the core message of the recent summit in London is to have a more engaging partnership by highlighting NATO's enduring core values, then every effort must be made to find equitable and win-win resolutions to friction between member states so that the alliance itself may be strengthened from the ground up.

The fallout from the 2008 global financial crisis refuses to go away and now leading economists may be looking to upend traditional neoliberal economic policy.

Will Boris Johnson live to fight another day?

Unilateralism from some stakeholders in the Eastern Mediterranean is stalling genuine efforts to find a resolution to the dispute.

The reported agreement to nominate billionaire businessman and former finance minister Mohammad Safadi as the new prime minister will not be accepted by the protest movement.

Investing in Somalian football would complement the Turkish government’s efforts to strengthen relations with African countries

The international community has failed to stop countries like the UAE, Jordan and France from supplying weapons to warlord Khalifa Haftar.

The Washington Post was roundly ridiculed for the way it presented the death of the Daesh leader. But even reactions from the so-called liberal media resorted to simplistic assessments of the ‘Muslim world’.

These regimes have a long list of 'skeletons in their closet', and their track record reveals no interest whatsoever in the preservation of Arab lands or the sovereignty of Arab nation-states