Perspectives are opinion pieces published on a variety of platforms. Op-eds are one of the best ways to bring particular opinions and angles to relevant news issues.

The US-China trade war is already having a negative impact on the global economy. If Donald Trump and Xi Jinping cannot agree to new terms at the G20 Summit, it will affect everyone.

The tragic passing of the Egyptian leader has uncovered a complex web of relationships and practices, underpinning the gloomy realities of Middle Eastern dictatorships, Western duplicity, and moral failure

The European Union and the US should play a more constructive role in resolving the Eastern Mediterranean dispute between Turkey and Greek Cyprus - the escalating of tensions is counter-productive.

If U.S. policymakers are hoping Turkey will become a vassal for U.S. interests in the region, then they will continue to wait in vain.

Recent constitutional amendments have left a constitutional vacuum in the country

Critics have derided Modi’s win for changing the very idea of India into one associated with the far-right Hindu nationalist ideology of the BJP.

The US approach to Syria has also been considered a failure, or a sign of its waning influence in the region, but testimony from a former Pentagon official changes the narrative somewhat.

Memes, songs and slogans are driving the countrywide protests, but some people have started to differ on the language and choice of words used, exposing the fault lines among the demonstrators.