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Kazakhstan's leader for the past thirty years has voluntarily left the presidency, a first in the region.

Arab visitors to Turkey, especially from Gulf nations, have steadily increased in recent years as have tensions between Turkey and some Gulf countries.

Four resilient women from four different countries tell TRT World how they've made the most of their war-torn lives.

Bouteflika's withdrawal from the presidential race is a significant victory for its burgeoning protest movement

The Assad regime is continuing its purge of all opponents, arguably more harshly than before

With the ascension of Imran Khan to power last year, Islamabad seems keen to improve its soft power capital.

As far as the notion of the ‘Arab world’ goes, it has to be acknowledged that this is not an uncontested term.

As the southern independence dream and the UAE’s ambitious designs in Yemen continue to be ignored, the peace process which the Stockholm Agreement aims to constitute is unlikely.

The death anniversary of one of Algeria's most revered revolutionaries, Larbi Ben M'Hidi, coincides with massive protests across the country. Has Algeria's elite forgotten the resilience of the spirit that gave them power in the first place?

Protests in Sudan won't fade away and the country's leader is fast running out of options.