The flow of migrants to Algeria has given the country access to financial assistance which allows the elite to neglect an internal humanitarian solution for migrants reaching their borders.

The universe of film and cinema serves as an inscription of the society it reels in.

Russia has ruled Muslim populations for over five hundred years, and since the early nineteenth century, Muslims presented a unique challenge for Imperial Russia.

It is evident from the nomination of Elliott Abrams as US special envoy for Venezuela that re-establishing democracy is not the expected outcome

Attempts at building nation-states after the end of World War I have done little more than raise the foundations for a vicious cycle of conflicts in former Ottoman Empire territories.

Turkey's involvement in Libya is based on humanitarian grounds, which allows it to play a positive role in finding a resolution to the conflict in the country.

The British Army’s latest recruitment campaign has been questioned by many for its clear targeting of millennials in order to bolster its numbers

Saudi Arabia's public relations offensive after the Khashoggi killing has hardly dented the momentum of bad press for Saudi Arabia.

The economic and political crises facing Lebanon will not be solved until the political structure is overhauled.

Most people in the Caucasus feel they are facing a cultural onslaught