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No project in the Eastern Mediterranean can achieve its full potential without taking Turkey on board.

As the country slides closer to economic collapse and people are unable to access their money, questions are being asked about how the currency was kept stable for so many years during economic stagnation.

The revival of the "us versus them" discourse can in due course severely damage the EU. That significantly matters for the global order, regional peace and security as Europe is hardly stable at the moment.

Libyans are sceptical that the agreements signed at the summit will end the conflict, but it is an important step in the right direction.

The Wagner Group is Putin's most potent weapon in advancing Russian policy objectives while maintaining plausible deniability.

Many observers in Libya are wary of the Madkhali groups, which are primarily advancing and prioritizing Saudi Arabia’s political and security interests.

The EU and the US have an important role to play in ensuring multinational cooperation but they have yet to take up the responsibility.

As sectarian political networks have been maneuvering to undermine anti-sectarian demonstrations, the country's political elite is likely to remain a dominant force.

While many hailed the Tories’ victory in the election as the end of the Brexit saga, the latter seems to have a long life ahead. It is not only going to affect the UK’s relationship with the EU but may also represent the end of Britain’s territorial integrity.