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Imran Khan promises to be different from his predecessors if chosen to lead, but his ability to govern and his party's achievements in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region are contested. Yet he's confident about winning the upcoming national elections.

Germany, as the most important economic power within the European Union, has been taking more responsibility in certain situations, especially when it comes to crisis management and foreign policies that involve shared interests of all 28 member states. Germany's response to the collapse of the Iran nuclear deal can be seen as a reflection of the nation's commitment to international governance/cooperation and economic interest in the region.

The far-right movement is increasing in the European political sphere, and the EU, which was once critical of it, seems to recognize it as it as the new norm

With Trump's America increasingly erratic towards its southern neighbour, is it time for Mexico to explore new alliances?

Gulf countries are increasingly divided about the future of the Gulf Cooperation Council. In a complex regional environment are the splits beyond repair?

The Atilla case, which is one of the most followed cases currently in the U.S. has its roots to the attempted judiciary coups against the elected government by the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) in December 2013

Turkey is a member of NATO but some NATO and European countries haven't backed its operation in Syria's Afrin. Are the dissenting countries fearful of Turkey's role in the Middle East?

Putin has announced that he will contest the 2018 presidential election. In Russia today, Putin is in the house, and the house always wins.

The aura of invincibility around Merkel has been shattered. Can she bring together a workable coalition to stop Germany from falling deeper into crisis?

Child refugees fleeing war, abuse and poverty face significant challenges upon their arrival in European countries