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If the Uzbek president wants genuine reform of religious freedoms in the country, he faces a steep uphill battle.

The UAE's actions in Yemen will have the same effect their policies have had in the rest of the Arab world: spreading disorder.

As Houthi confidence in its military arsenal evolves, the war is increasingly moving beyond Yemen's borders

Instead of taking on the role of fair mediator, Brussels has broken its own rules to accept the Republic of Cyprus into the EU and is now inflaming tensions with Turkey over natural resources.

Traffickers and armed groups have exploited the country's security vacuum, turning it into a hellhole for migrants.

The Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and the Houthi armed group are dealing with drone strikes in Yemen in starkly different ways.

Control over narratives is paramount in perception management as it has a powerful effect on the imagination. However, this can sometimes backfire.

The Algerian football team has become the pride of a nation in need of good news following five months of weekly protests prompted by former president Abdelaziz Bouteflika planning to run for a fifth term.

Coup attempt affected Turkey-EU relations, damaged EU's image as declared champion of democracy, rule of law, human rights

The Russian president is presenting himself on the world stage as the father of conservative values, an ideal that doesn’t just appeal to his electorate but perhaps other world powers, too.