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There seems to be a dilemma in the relationship between Western mainstream media and democracy. On the one hand, these media outlets spend a lot of airtime and print space lecturing about the merits of democracy. On the other hand, the same organisations have a long history in whitewashing dictators in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Following the attempted takeover, markets opened without leading to any major speculation over Turkish assets as a result of the failed coup. However, most people claimed that the perception of political instability and the government’s reaction may have an adverse impact on macroeconomic stability in the long run.

After 18 years, the OVP-FPO coalition is back in power again in Austria. This coalition takes on greater importance nowadays as Austria will be taking over the EU presidency for six months on July 1, 2018.

As the elections’ results became known on Sunday evening, the outcome came as an ice-cold-shower for every pseudo-Western analyst and reporter who indulged in sloppy journalism and offered unbalanced and -- more often than not -- flagrant partisan accounts. However, the downcast feeling did not last long, and these commentators emerged to engage in yet another round of pre-emptive framing, so as it appeared, to obtain the narrativization advantage and drive a wedge between the different constituents of the Turkish society once again.

Turkey and Africa share many visions regarding their future and have mutually beneficial relationships

The Kurdish population in Southeast Turkey has been cornered between tribal rivalry and terrorism for over forty years. The PKK, a Kurdish third-wave leftist terrorist organization has killed thousands of civilians in the region, and injured even more since its initiation in 1978. A 2015 report shows the organization killing 7 thousand civilians from 1984 onwards in addition to Turkish security personnel.

Addis Ababa's recent decision to accept the EEBC ruling is a great opportunity for sustainable peace after two decades of conflict between the two neighbors. A peaceful settlement of this stalemate will yield positive dividends. It would solve the border frustration between the two states and increases cross-border trade between communities.

The Manbij operation is of significance for the region for two primary reasons: Turkey’s national security and humanitarian factors; i.e. providing much-needed relief aid for the locals.

Russia and Turkey have managed to build a pragmatic relationship despite diverging interests and a historical regional rivalry. It's in both countries interest that it survives past elections.

Over the past week, the US administration hit the headlines as photos and audio recordings of unaccompanied children in cages surfaced.