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This general election is crucial in determining India’s future polity, and whether or not its secular credentials will persist

Turkish economy is the perfect showcase for how geo-politics affects economies, or more precisely, how a country’s rejection of subordination in international relations leads to threats of economic sanctions by powerful states

While one has borne the brunt of the migrant crisis from the embattled country, the other seeks to reap its benefits.

To maintain their grip on power, the DRS is accused of carrying out large-scale violence, which includes rampant killings and assassinations, and has a history of undermining the country's civilian governments.

Libya requires a determined leadership, empowered by the rule of law, as well as democratic institutions adhering to inclusive policies in order to reverse the rapid deterioration of the country

President Putin views geopolitical relations as insurance for his country's stability, pursuit of Russia’s assertive stance globally

Climate change could help cholera make a comeback unless a concerted effort is made to spread awareness.

A new law in Russia can pave the way for the government to have greater control over what Russians can access on the internet.

The connection between Georgia and Azerbaijan is a unique model of cooperation in the region

Volodomyr Zelensky might be a comedian but the first round of voting has shown that his candidacy is no joke.