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Turkish-Greek relations have always revolved around historical facts as well as myths, which still dominate the political spectrum. A sense of historical rivalry, combined with the Ottoman legacy led to a never-ending competition between the two countries. In this competition, the only difference is Turkey proved more successful than Greece in terms of its economic and military power since the establishment of the Turkish Republic.

The African continent has been popping up on the agenda of Israeli policymakers frequently in recent years. While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used to tweet photos showing the hospitality of African leaders, Israeli newspapers speak of Israel’s return to Africa.

The classical understanding of the Cold War is over, and the world has entered a new political era. However, the rules of the game remain the same. Russia's attempt to challenge the U.S.-led unipolar world system in post-Cold War era seems to unite Western countries against the old enemy.

As the leaders in the region were busy scheduling their meetings with Kim, the world woke up to a new picture where China’s President Xi Jinping was shaking hands with Kim Jong Un. Later, it turned out that Kim had made a secret two-day visit to Beijing upon Xi’s invitation.s

India and South Africa, both emerging economic powers, share a ticking time bomb of a problem: not only are they more likely to experience climate change, but they’re also more likely to experience its worst effects, thanks to incredibly high income inequality levels.

Past US administrations have made substantial investments to unlock Africa’s potential to be a powerhouse of future growth. However with Donald Trump in office for a little over a year, the US has shown little interest in the future of US-Africa relations.

Mexican President Pena Nieto is being challenged from the right and the left, and with rampant crime and corruption laid at his feet, the Mexican elections are ripe for newcomers.

The possible meeting between U.S. President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim that is planned for the near future could be a sign of better policies on the Korean Peninsula if established on realistic terms.

Successive governments have failed to reduce poverty and ensure income security for the massive portion of the Indian population employed in farming. Depending on which figures you read anywhere from 50 to 70 percent of the Indian workforce is directly or indirectly employed in the agricultural sector.

Gas reserves on the eastern Mediterranean have sparked a major dispute between Lebanon and Israel. Talk of war is an exaggeration not only because the two countries stand to gain so much, but because global players would be party to the dispute.