In January, Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry announced a new visa policy to revive the country’s tourism industry.

Hajira Maryam Mirza11 March 2019

This measure will provide an e-visa option to 175 countries and a visa-on-arrival to 50 other countries. Moreover, the minister also announced policy decrees toward developing the country’s image and making tourism a vibrant sector capable of achieving economic growth while elevating the brand image of the country. With the ascension of Imran Khan to power last year, Islamabad seems keen to improve its soft power capital. Utilizing cultural diplomacy more often than before, the Pakistani leadership is in a frenzied move to build a positive image of the country. The emphasis on the tourism sector, therefore, aligns with Khan’s reform agenda, which consists of optimizing the use of national resources and making the economic machine work for citizens.

*This article was originally published on The Diplomat


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