If U.S. policymakers are hoping Turkey will become a vassal for U.S. interests in the region, then they will continue to wait in vain.

Recent constitutional amendments have left a constitutional vacuum in the country

Critics have derided Modi’s win for changing the very idea of India into one associated with the far-right Hindu nationalist ideology of the BJP.

The US approach to Syria has also been considered a failure, or a sign of its waning influence in the region, but testimony from a former Pentagon official changes the narrative somewhat.

Memes, songs and slogans are driving the countrywide protests, but some people have started to differ on the language and choice of words used, exposing the fault lines among the demonstrators.

As Moscow attempts to re-establish old Soviet ties and buy influence in the continent, it is presenting itself as the alternative to old self-interested colonial powers.

France's pursuit of its own long term interests in Libya is fueling the conflict and undermining the UN-backed peace process.

Far-right Eurosceptics did not win as predicted, but the victory of their opponents almost spells their own defeat in five years’ time

The Arab World is now split in two camps: those who support constitutional political processes, pluralism and inclusive politics, and those who back counter-revolutionary forces, which aim to stop the spread of democracy and preserve authoritarianism at all costs.

The abrupt shift in President Trump's policy to back Khalifa Haftar in Libya throws the UN-backed political process into danger.