Book Reviews

In his book, Mahathir’s Islam: Mahathir Mohamad on Religion and Modernity in Malaysia, Sven Schottmann provides a detailed analysis of Dr. Mahathir’s statements and commentaries on Islamic principles, guiding the reader through a particular era in modern Malaysian politics, and analyses Dr. Mahathir’s modernization process in the light of a process of institutionalized Islamization. This review both summarizes and critically evaluates the author’s main arguments.

Daniel A. Stolz, in his book, The Lighthouse and the Observatory: Islam, Science, and Empire in the Late Ottoman Egypt, tells the interesting story of late Ottoman Egypt and astronomy, looking at how astronomy connected.

This review is a critical evaluation of the book, “Contemporary Perspectives on Turkey’s EU Accession Process: A Reluctant European?” edited by Catherine MacMillan.

This review is a critical evaluation of the book, “Democracy in Africa: Successes, Failures, and the Struggle for Political Reform” by Nic Cheeseman.