Crossroads: Navigating the Shifting Global Order

Crossroads, a blog from the TRT World Research Centre, provides insight into and analysis of the major issues facing our world today. Drawing on a diverse pool of researchers – both in Istanbul and abroad – this blog offers reactions to breaking news and analysis on trends relating to our rapidly shifting world.

The Sisi regime’s lack of accountability towards Egyptians has engendered an unsustainable economic situation that almost exclusively benefits foreign investors and regime insiders. Turkey’s government, on the other hand, is ultimately accountable to Turkish citizens to deliver on policies designed to maximize public benefit and continues to pursue economic transformation by way of a production-based industrial policy. If it were not for the determination of the Turkish people to resist the attempted coup on July 15th, 2016, Turkey’s economy may have been subject to a similar fate to that of Egypt’s for years to come.

The Pew Research Centre predicts that because Muslims have the highest fertility rates and the youngest median age when compared to other religious groups, India will have the world’s largest Muslim population by 2050, revealing an urgent need to reconcile India’s democratic structure with unfolding demographic realities.

In spite of a rapidly evolving geopolitical situation and the existence of fundamental differences over many issues between Ankara and Tehran, trade and economic exchange have proven to be the trump card in the bilateral relations, irrespective of the Trump administration’s manoeuvres against this side or the other.