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If U.S. policymakers are hoping Turkey will become a vassal for U.S. interests in the region, then they will continue to wait in vain.

Recent constitutional amendments have left a constitutional vacuum in the country


If U.S. policymakers are hoping Turkey will become a vassal for U.S. interests in the region, then they will continue to wait in vain.

Recent constitutional amendments have left a constitutional vacuum in the country

Critics have derided Modi’s win for changing the very idea of India into one associated with the far-right Hindu nationalist ideology of the BJP.

Discussion Papers

This paper aims to analyse the national armies' interventions in the Arab World's political arena with particular emphasis on the cases of Algeria and Sudan.

This paper discusses the economic theory and empirical evidence behind immigration being economically beneficial to the recipient economies as opposed to the narratives dominating the political discourse and media representations around the world

Today, Libya is fragmented and polarized, mired in instability and insecurity. As a result, Libya is lacking a unified, representative and legitimate government able to exercise authority throughout the country and hold a monopoly over the use of force.

Info Packs

This info pack aims to provide necessary information regarding the latest developments in mayoral elections of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

This info pack provides essential facts on India’s 2019 presidential elections.

On March 31, Turkey held local elections throughout the country. With a recorded turnout of 84.7%, over 48 million of 57 million eligible voters exercised their democratic rights.


The publication highlights the importance of the Afghan Peace Process along with how the Pakistani government could leverage their facilitation of successful US-Taliban talks to secure Aafia’s release, two independent events which, as this publication investigates, appear to be intertwined.

The report documents 11 New Zealand-based cases of ZSIS harassment, coercion and blackmail between 2008 and 2017.

This report examines the historical background of the north-south hostility in Yemen, the activities of actors on the ground, and interventions of regional actors.

Policy Briefs

This report examines gender-based violence against women in war, followed by discussions regarding the wider role they have played in combating this very issue in societies ravaged by war. In addition, the report explores policymaking that involved women, leading to their successful reintegration into society.

There has been a surge in Islamophobia, xenophobia, and hate speech in Germany, the largest economy in the European Union (EU). Muslims, who comprise an important part of the workforce in Germany, are being used as political tools by populist right-wing parties.

In light of one of the greatest humanitatian crisis the world has ever seen, TRT World Research Centre has published a report on the vital information and statistics about unaccompanied minors who have fled to the European Union as refugees.

World Talks

François Burgat on political Islam and the failures of the Arab Spring

David Patrikarakos is a British journalist and the author of War in 140 characters. In this episode of World Talks he will discuss the concept of 21st Century wars through the spread of propaganda, fake news and disinformation.

Bendetta Berti is an Eisenhower Global Fellow and a TED Senior Fellow. She spoke to TRT World Research Centre about achieving change through parliamentary democracy in post-revolutionary societies.

Conference Reports

His Excellency President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan participated as the guest of honour in the TRT World Forum 2017 to give the keynote speech at the Forum under the moderation of Fatih Er, Director of News and Programmes at TRT World. President Erdoğan’s remarks spanned from the failure of the current global order in sustaining the international peace to the humanitarian crisis around the world.

The TRT World Forum opened with a welcoming speech delivered by the Director General of TRT İbrahim Eren and followed by Opening Speeches by Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ and Turkey’s Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım. Throughout the speeches, speakers mostly emphasised the urgent need for objective and focused media, particularly in the current discourse.

The second day of the TRT World Forum 2017 opened with a joint keynote speech by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the former Prime Minister of Spain, and Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. The main theme of their speech was the lack of international cooperation in addressing pressing global issues.



TRT World Research Centre is pleased to present its first book publication “The Refugee’s Messenger: Lost Stories Retold”. The book includes 10 chapters each written by TRT World’s current and former journalists, putting forth their individual experiences while covering migrants’ journeys.

TRT World Research Centre has recently published a book on the phenomenon of the July 15 and TRT World’s specific memory of it. Apart from gathering evidence linking the coup to the organization behind it, the book tells the story of the raid on the TRT World headquarters through the accounts of employees.

This book includes summaries and highlights of keynote speeches, seven public and seven closed sessions of the TRT World Forum 2017.

Emrah Şahin, in his book, Faithful Encounters: Authorities and American Missionaries in the Ottoman Empire, focuses on the American missionary activities through reviewing nearly 2200 dossiers in the Ottoman Archives about the missionary activities, and provides valuable contribution to the study of late Ottoman statecraft and missionary strategies. This review gives a concise summary of the book content, and provides critical assessment of the main arguments.

In his book, Mahathir’s Islam: Mahathir Mohamad on Religion and Modernity in Malaysia, Sven Schottmann provides a detailed analysis of Dr. Mahathir’s statements and commentaries on Islamic principles, guiding the reader through a particular era in modern Malaysian politics, and analyses Dr. Mahathir’s modernization process in the light of a process of institutionalized Islamization. This review both summarizes and critically evaluates the author’s main arguments.

Daniel A. Stolz, in his book, The Lighthouse and the Observatory: Islam, Science, and Empire in the Late Ottoman Egypt, tells the interesting story of late Ottoman Egypt and astronomy, looking at how astronomy connected.