Who is Eric Zemmour?

    TRT World Research Centre’s manager Dr Tarek Cherkaoui hosts French legal scholar Rim-Sarah Alouane to speak about France’s elections and the political trajectory of far-right TV pundit Eric Zemmour.

    For years, Eric Zemmour, a far-right TV pundit, saturated the airwaves in France with his acerbic anti-immigrant and anti-Islam discourse. On November 30th, he announced his bid for the 2022 French presidential elections, hoping to outsmart the other main far-right party led by Marine Le Pen and outmanoeuvre incumbent President Emmanuel Macron. Local and international political and financial forces support Zemmour’s bid, which is also significantly amplified by some broadcasters like C-News and social media algorithms. In this episode of Media Mind, Dr Tarek Cherkaoui hosts Rim-Sarah Alouane to focus on Zemmour’s political trajectory and explore what lies beneath his toxic rhetoric and potential end game. This podcast is produced by Sabri Ege and edited by Nader El-Saeed.

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