The Israel – Palestine Conflict: The Power of Narratives and the Quest for Justice

    In this episode of the Media Mind, Dr. Tarek Cherkaoui hosts Sami Hamdi, Managing Director at the International Interest. Sami Hamdi discusses how a war of narratives shapes the perception of the Israel and Palestine conflict. He explains that for a long time, the Israeli point of view dominated the policy scene and the media. He also demonstrates that the Western media has neglected the root causes of the conflict leading up to October 7.

    But the tide is shifting. As Hamdi explains, social media broke the grip on the dominant narrative. Pro-Palestinian voices are more prominent this time around. They have taken their arguments to social media, revealing to the world the plight of the Palestinians and the multiple exactions committed by the Apartheid regime of Israel.

    Hamdi also highlighted that the sole benefactor of the protraction and expansion of the conflict is Netanyahu, who cares more about this political future than any other factor.

    Finally, Sami Hamdi’s call of action is to reframe the narratives pertaining to the conflict in a way closer to justice.

    Sami Hamdi is the Managing Director of the International Interest, a global risk and intelligence company. He advises governments on the geopolitical dynamics of Europe and the MENA region. He also has significant expertise in advising companies on commercial issues related to volatile political environments and their implications on market entry, market expansion, and managing stakeholders.

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