Morsi’s death: A tale of heroes and villains

    The tragic passing of the Egyptian leader has uncovered a complex web of relationships and practices, underpinning the gloomy realities of Middle Eastern dictatorships, Western duplicity, and moral failure

    The first and only democratically elected president in Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, died in Cairo courtroom on June 17, 2019 under suspicious circumstances. Last year, an inquiry led by British lawyers and MPs reviewed the conditions of Dr. Morsi’s detention and concluded that his incarceration constituted “a cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment”, warning that the likely outcome of such a treatment would be his death. Therefore, the question of whether this was a cold, calculated murder, or criminal negligence causing death, is now fully justified. The hurried burial of Morsi only increased the mistrust.

    Such a horrific episode prompted the Turkish leadership to take yet another courageous and principled stand for justice. President Erdogan pledged that “in the same way that we did not allow the murder of the late Jamal Khashoggi to be forgotten, we will never allow Morsi’s tragedy to be forgotten”. In a similar vein, the UN Human Rights Office requested an independent investigation into Morsi’s death, which drew similar calls from leading human rights organizations.

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