Pakistan’s General Elections 2018

    Uncertainties and military interventions in civilian government have resulted in no prime minister being able to serve his full term in office.

    The year 2018 marks a decisive election year for Pakistan. Citizens will be heading to the polls to vote for the political party that will determine their country’s fate until 2023. The past five years represented a challenging environment before the election period.

    The disqualification and 10 year imprisonment of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif just three weeks before the elections has raised doubts and questions whether an efficient level of governance can be achieved. Will corrupted governance be depleted from the political landscape or is the deep state of the army manifested the country’s institutions?

    Different drivers and situations have put forth a new challenge in the upcoming election cycle: the ruling party being confronted by accusations of corruption; the advent of technology and social media; the actions of the election commission; the role of the judiciary and the army in governance; and the rise of sectarian religious groups. All this has led to a convergence of a political situation bounded with unpredictability.

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