Mexico’s Elections 2018

    On July 1st Mexicans will have the opportunity to renew their government at the municipal, state and federal level. More than 3,400 elected offices are up for grabs, which makes it the biggest campaign in Mexico’s history.

    Mexican voters will go to the polls to elect at the federal level a new president, and 628 legislators (128 federal senators, and 500 federal deputies).

    According to the Mexican constitution, the president serves a six-year term and cannot seek a second term. Therefore, every six years there is a new person occupying the presidential residence of Los Pinos.

    There are three candidates representing the nine political parities and one independent candidate.

    The latest poll puts Andrés Manuel López Obrador from the coalition ‘Together We Will Make History’ in the lead; in second place is Ricardo Anaya from the coalition ‘Mexico to the Front’; in third place is José Antonio Meade from the coalition ‘Everyone for Mexico’; and in last place is Jaime Rodríguez Calderón who is running as an independent.

    Mexico’s presidential system does not have a second round of voting. The presidential system is not majoritarian, meaning that the candidate who wins the most votes on July 1 – even if it’s not more than 50 percent of the vote – wins the presidency.

    The new Mexican president will assume power on December 1st and the new legislature of the Congress of the Union on September 1st.

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