Iran Sanctions Case

    TRT World Research Centre’s report on the Iran sanctions case provides a detailed information about the developments in one of the most controversial cases in the US in order to shed light on the controversies.

    The report describes the developments of the Iran sanctions case in chronological order and provides a timeline of what has happened before and during the case. It also compares the sanctions enforced on Iran by the United States and the United Nations, whether or not these sanctions are binding for Turkey, and remarks by Turkish and US officials. Detailed information on the individuals in the Iran sanctions case and the extent of their involvement are presented in the report. Moreover, the publication lays out the charges against the defendants alongside the counter-arguments and also sets out various links between the evidence that has been collected by the FBI and the evidence fabricated by FETÖ – both of which were used in court. Connections and links between FETÖ and the judges/ prosecutors of the case are investigated in the report.

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