Keynote Speeches

His Excellency President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan participated in the TRT World Forum 2017 to give the closing speech at the Forum under the moderation of Fatih Er, Director of News of TRT World. President Erdoğan’s remarks spanned from the failure of the current global order in sustaining the international peace to the humanitarian crisis around the world. He pointed out in the very beginning of his speech - as he is asked by Fatih Er about the role of the United Nations Security Council - that the structure of the Security Council had to be changed urgently. Attitudes and actions of some of the European countries, namely Germany and France, and the United States vis-à-vis the PKK, YPG and PYD were also criticised by President Erdoğan. The war in Syria and the refugee crisis was discussed and crucial explanations and suggestions were laid out. “Western understanding of democracy is under serious crisis,” President Erdoğan said when asked about the double standards of the West with regards to the MENA region.