Turkish Diplomacy in Action: The Black Sea Grain Initiative

    The Russo-Ukrainian War has entered its sixth month. During this period, a perfect storm has led the world to the precipice of a global food crisis, largely because of the inability of Ukraine, one of the largest grain exporters in the world, to get its product to market. Mediation initiatives led by Türkiye built a diplomatic communication link between Moscow and Kyiv. As a result of several rounds of bilateral and multilateral talks, the grain corridor agreement was signed on July 22 in Istanbul between Russia, Ukraine, Türkiye and the United Nations (UN).

    This Info Pack examines the recent grain corridor agreement by focusing on
    four main aspects (I) Background: Food Crisis, (II) Türkiye’s Mediating Role, (III) The Black Sea Grain Initiative, and (IV) Responses from the international community.

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