The Future is Free – Only if Secure – Trade: Causes and Effects

    As the world enters a new era, economic and political relations between countries are changing. The global economic order will also have a share in this change. With that, geopolitics now plays a more essential role in the international economic order, and international trade practices specifically. Countries relate more diverse issues with national security and adopt more restrictive trade policies. Moreover, interconnectedness and weaponized interdependence direct countries to impose more restrictions on trade. Lastly, countries abuse the national security concept for adopting restrictive trade policies with lesser objection. As a result, “free – only if secure – trade” awaits us in the future. That means the world will witness more restrictions for the sake of –more comprehensive– national security. However, even though there will be short- term benefits, a shift to free – only if secure – trade will come with several costs.

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