After the Defeat: What does the Future Hold for Nikol Pashinyan?

    This info pack explains Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s rise to power as well as the developments after the Karabakh war, namely the anti-government protests, his struggles to unite his supporters, and the rise of the voice of Armenia’s armed forces.

    Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan faces a domestic political crisis; rising political opposition and a plot hatched by the military command currently pose serious threats to his rule. The latest increase in tensions in Armenia have raised questions about a possible military coup. An official statement of the military high command demanded that the Prime Minister resign, which led to a confrontation between the elected government and armed forces, leading to further instability in the country. Currently, Yerevan is a powder keg and centre of political crisis in the South Caucasus. This info pack Pashinyan’s rise to power and gives a brief background of his political initiatives in the early days of his rule. The Karabakh War of 2020 has become a turning point for the region, as well as the prime minister’s career, resulting in increasing tensions between the opposition and Pashinyan. Finally, the info pack will focus on developments after the war, namely the anti-government protests, Pashinyan’s struggles to unite his supporters, and the rise of the voice of the armed forces.

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