A Year after Turkey’s Failed Coup: Security at Home and Abroad

    As part of its July 15 event series, TRT World Research Centre held a joint event with the Centre for Middle East Strategic Studies in Tehran. The International threat that FETÖ poses and its possible strategies in other countries were among the topics discussed in the event.

    -Pınar Kandemir, TRT World Research Centre’s Director
    -Resul Serdar Ataş, TRT World Managing Editor
    -Galip Dalay, Al Sharq Forum Research Director

    TRT World Research Centre held a panel meeting in Iran in cooperation with Centre for Middle East Strategic Studies.

    The Deputy Chairman of AK Party’s Foreign Affairs, Mehmet Mehdi Eker, TRT World Research Centre’s Director Pınar Kandemir, TRT World’s Managing Editor Resul Serdar Ataş and Al Sharq Forum’s Research Director Galip Dalay were speakers on a panel held jointly in Tehran by the Centre of Middle Eastern Strategic Studies affiliated with Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, the Turkish ambassador to Tehran, Rıza Hakan Tekin, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister on Research and Education, Mohammed Kazem Sajjadpour, and diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended the panel.

    Eker pointed out that the Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) is of concern to every country, and that its international structure poses a threat not only to Turkey but to the entire world.

    “FETÖ is a concern not only to Turkey but to other countries as well, since it is a dangerous terrorist organization that aims to control the entire world with force and bloodshed, hiding and masking itself as the modern face of Islam. Knowing that they have been organized themselves in 160 countries helps us to see the organization’s aims,” stated Eker.

    Stressing the significance of acknowledging the organization’s presence in Muslim countries, Eker continued, “FETÖ is a terrorist organization which runs deep-rooted operations under a certain mask in the countries where it has been established. We paid a heavy cost to fight against their vicious activities in Turkey. We believe this should be known and acknowledged in all of the Islamic countries. It is important to hold a seminar on this in Iran, as both countries are being harmed by the damaging incidents in the region.”

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