Latest Events

The World Humanitarian Action Forum-The Refugee’s Messenger: Lost Stories Retold Book Lunch

The TRT World Research Centre held a panel discussion at the World Humanitarian Action Forum on the 15th of October at the Pullman Istanbul Hotel & Convention Centre.

Higher Education for Students Under International Protection

TRT World Citizen​ and TRT World Research Centre​ in collaboration with the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB), and UNHCR Turkey held a conference on “Higher Education for Students under International Protection” on 30th July 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey. The conference focused on the ongoing practices of the stakeholders in the higher education sector and provided insights into the experiences of students under international protection in Turkey.

TRT World Research Centre's UK Parliamentary Roundtable on World Refugee Day

The TRT World Research Centre held a panel in the UK Parliament on ‘the humanitarian role of Turkey on the refugee crisis and the road ahead for Europe,’ which was held on June 19th.

Turkey's Security Challenge within its Neighbourhood: Operation Olive Branch

TRT World Research Centre will host a joint roundtable meeting with the Conference of Security and Defence Institute in Ottawa, Canada to discuss Operation Olive Branch’s security and political implications for Turkey, the future of Syria and their relations with relevant powers.

Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch and Security Challenges Beyond

TRT World Research Centre will hold a joint panel in collaboration with the Royal Canadian Military Institute and the NATO Association of Canada in Toronto, Canada to discuss Turkey’s recent military operation in Syria, Operation Olive Branch.

A Century Later: The Great War

TRT World Research Centre, in collaboration with Bahcesehir University’s Civilization Studies Centre, held a panel “A Century Later: The Great War” that was hosted at the Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel on Thursday the 18th of January 2018.

A Year after Turkey’s Failed Coup: Security at Home and Abroad

As part of its July 15 event series, TRT World Research Centre held a joint event with the Centre for Middle East Strategic Studies. The International threat that FETÖ poses and its possible strategies in other countries were among the topics discussed in the event.

A Year after Turkey’s Failed Coup: Changes in Turkey’s Domestic and Foreign Policy

TRT World Research Centre’s event at Japan’s Sasakawa Peace Foundation highlighted the fact that FETÖ’s coup attempt last year has changed Turkish politics for good. The panellists stressed the importance of international cooperation in confronting terrorist organizations such as FETÖ and the PYD.

A Year After Turkey’s Failed Coup: The Implications of Turkey’s Changing Security Environment

TRT World Research Centre held a lively joint event with RUSI on about the July 15 coup attempt. The event highlighted the changing aspects of Turkey’s security equation after the coup. Panelists also addressed the question of eliminating FETÖ members from the ranks of security bureaucracy.

A Year After the July 15 Coup Attempt

As part of its July 15 event series, TRT World Research Centre held a joint event with QAFSAM in Baku, Azerbaijan. Analysis and observations were made about the night of July 15 as well as Turkey’s changing political environment.

Examining the July 15 Coup Attempt as a Breaking Point in History

TRT World Research Centre organized a private round table meeting with its members on “Examining the July 15 Coup Attempt as a Breaking Point in History.” Dr. Alev Alatlı was hosted as a keynote speaker.

Turkish Foreign Policy after the July 15: Turkish-Russian Relations

TRT World Research Centre held a panel session in Moscow titled “Turkish Foreign Policy After the July 15: Turkish-Russian Relations” to discuss Turkey-Russia relations, as well as the impact of the July 15 coup attempt on Turkey’s domestic and foreign policy.