The Impact of Post-Disaster Education Management for the Recovery of a Region following the 6 February 2023 Earthquakes in Türkiye

    This discussion paper by Prof. Dr. Mahmut Özer, Dr. Sadri Şensoy, and Dr. H. Eren Suna focuses on the impact of post-disaster education management on the recovery of a region following earthquakes that occurred on February 6, 2023, in Türkiye. The paper highlights the far-reaching consequences of natural disasters on societies, including extensive loss of life, displacement of populations, and socioeconomic damage. The authors discuss the need for resilient systems to mitigate the adverse effects of disasters and the challenges of post-disaster management. They argue that continuing education services is crucial to shield children from the negative effects of disasters, safeguard educational investments, and enhance the well-being of affected communities. The paper concludes that prioritizing early childhood and primary education in the post-disaster recovery process is necessary, particularly for disadvantaged students who are particularly vulnerable during disasters.

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