Syrian Migration is an Opportunity for the Turkish Economy

    This paper discusses the economic theory and empirical evidence behind immigration being economically beneficial to the recipient economies as opposed to the contrarian narratives dominating the political discourse and media representations around the world.

    It is natural that immigration, just like any other change, disadvantages some segments of the society. And, the risks and costs of immigration are not negligible. However, immigration is also an opportunity for the domestic countries as it contributes a young and vibrant community to the society. It creates better job opportunities for the natives while helping economies grow. Turkey, as an economically rich and politically stable country, will continue to be a magnet for people flowing from its poor, war-torn, or authoritarian neighbours and even countries as far as in Africa. Turkey should make the best of it. It is by no chance that so many successful examples of economic growth in the history went hand in hand with a stable and long-term influx of migrants. The overall effect of immigration depends on having the proper institutional framework on the ground to facilitate smooth integration. Government has to formulate policies and create the legal basis for educating, employing, and culturally incorporating the immigrants. This will benefit the migrants and natives alike.”

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