Turkish version of The Refugee’s Messenger: Lost Stories Retold

    This is the Turkish translation of the book “The Refugee’s Messenger: Lost Stories Retold”.

    TRT World Research Centre is pleased to present publication of the Turkish translation of its book “The Refugee’s Messenger: Lost Stories Retold”. The book includes 10 chapters each written by TRT World’s current and former journalists, putting forth their individual experiences while covering migrants’ journeys.

    Through their contributions in this book, our very own TRT World reporters try to restore the lost notion of individuality, agency and humanity of each refugee. With the reporters’ experience coming from every extremity and confines of the world; from Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh till the Caravan in North America, each chapter in the book exhibits a detailed picture of the refugees’ experience and their respective issues.

    Such an endeavour underlines yet another attempt by TRT World’s journalistic community not only to present in-depth and insightful coverage of wars and conflicts but also to bear testimony to the plight of the civilians in these frontlines beyond the newsroom that are often confined to statistics.

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