History and Memory: TRT World in the Face of July 15 Coup

    TRT World Research Centre has recently published a book on the phenomenon of the July 15 and TRT World’s specific memory of it. Apart from gathering evidence linking the coup to the organization behind it, the book tells the story of the raid on the TRT World headquarters through the accounts of employees.

    In light of the one-year anniversary of the failed coup attempt in Turkey, TRT World Research Centre published a special book titled “History and Memory: TRT World in the Face of July 15 Coup”.

    Edited by the historian Halil Berktay, the book is comprised of two chapters. The first chapter ‘History: What Actually Happened’ puts a special emphasis on the background, nature, the key figures of the coup attempt, and the leading actors who stood against the coup. This chapter also explains how FETO infiltrated state offices over the course of years and how Fethullah Gulen masterminded the coup.

    The second chapter ‘Memory: July 15 from the Eyes of TRT World Employee’ features the experiences of TRT World employees on the night of July 15th and the following morning

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