A Balancing Act: Türkiye and the Russia-Ukraine War

This Policy Outlook examines Türkiye’s position towards the Russia-Ukraine War in the context of its recent foreign policy initiatives. Türkiye has emphasised the importance of international law and state sovereignty in the Russia-Ukraine War. Moreover, Türkiye has avoided alienating Russia through its non-participation in Western-led sanctions. The Policy Outlook also explores the ongoing debates about […]

We have to be realistic about climate change and the war in Ukraine

It is challenging for the war in Ukraine to be a turning point in the fight against climate change when governments look for non-Russian fossil fuels instead of shifting to renewables. The Russia-Ukraine War has lasted for four months and counting. It has raised various questions about new waves of refugees, energy resources, food prices […]

Heard vs. Depp and the Consequences for Women’s Rights

We still have a long way to go when it comes to women’s rights and unequal treatment. Our culture’s response to gendered violence and victim credibility still needs a re-definition and a reform, especially on the online platform, and this trial is clear proof of that. What happened in the courtroom? In 2018, Amber Heard […]

The perilous road ahead for Ukrainian refugees

Ukrainian refugees face a number of challenges and threats as they seek to settle in their host countries. Long-term, some of those who have welcomed them today may turn against them tomorrow. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, millions of people have had to flee their homes to seek safety. According to United […]

Connecting Thread: American and Global Islamophobia

Dr. Tarek Cherkaoui hosts Professor Khaled Beydoun to unpack some of the ideological constructs behind the phenomenon of Islamophobia in the US and overseas. Muslims worldwide are challenged by the rise of Islamophobia and violent Islamophobic attacks. State-sponsored pogroms and genocides have occurred in the past decade in disparate locations ranging from Bosnia, Myanmar, and […]

Al Jazeera: 25 Years of Living Dangerously

This report will examine the corporate, socio-political, and geopolitical complexities surrounding the rise of the resilient Al Jazeera news media organisation. Since its inception 25 years ago, Al Jazeera has been beset with an astonishing number of threats and attacks that were supposed to intimidate the network and prevent reportage in one of the world’s […]

A Scenario Analysis: What’s Next for Pakistan?

This policy outlook provides an examination of potential scenarios for Pakistan moving forward including early elections, delayed elections and martial law. Political turmoil in Pakistan over the past few weeks has left many citizens and country observers perplexed. Prime Minister Imran Khan was ousted from office through a controversial vote of no confidence and was […]

Countdown to Lebanon’s Elections: An Opportunity for Change or a Re-assertion of the Status-Quo?

This Policy Outlook examines key themes and questions leading up to the polls in Lebanon and explores local and regional implications of potential results. Over the past few years, Lebanon has seen a convergence of unprecedented political, humanitarian, financial, and socio-economic crises. In October 2019, citizens rose up to demand accountability and push for reforms […]


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