The UAE in Libya: Continuity and Change

This policy outlook explores some of the key elements driving the UAE’s policy in Libya as well as the Gulf country’s approach towards the upcoming Libyan elections. Over the last ten years, regional and international powers have tried to fill the vacuum created in Libya. In this regard, Abu Dhabi has for years intervened in […]

Visibility of 9/11’s invisible victims: Muslim women

Europeans and Americans concerned about the safety and rights of women in the East should be equally concerned about the safety and rights of the Muslim women in Europe and the US. On Sept. 11, 2001, a tragic attack on the United States not only paved the way toward a reconfiguration of the international order […]

Christophe-Abi Nassif speaks on the race to rebuild Beirut port

Elif Zaim and Michael Arnold talk with Christophe-Abi Nassif, the acting Lebanon program director at the Middle East Institute, about the race to rebuild the port of Beirut. On this episode of Shifting Tides, Elif Zaim and Michael Arnold speak with Christophe-Abi Nassif, the acting Lebanon program director at the Middle East Institute, about the […]

Two Decades of the Global War on Terror: Legacies and Future

This policy outlook examines the contours of the historical legacies of the post-9/11 world with a view of developing a better understanding of the post-post 9/11 world. The US withdrawal from Afghanistan comes two decades after the launch of the US ‘Global War on Terror’, which was declared all but over by US President Biden […]

Turkey’s charm offensive in Afghanistan

Turkey’s proactive stance in Afghanistan sends a strong message internationally that a middle-power, such as Ankara, will continue to act as a force for good pan-regionally, and can indeed help address several types of predicaments that are expected to result from the US withdrawal from the region. The recent US withdrawal from Afghanistan has shifted […]

Alaa Tartir speaks about international aid to Palestine

Elif Zaim and Michael Arnold talk with Dr. Alaa Tartir, Program Advisor to Al-Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network, about the political economy of aid to Palestine. Shifting Tides is a new podcast series brought to you by TRT World Research Centre featuring discussions with journalists, academics, activists and others exploring social and political issues in […]

The UN Children Rights Convention and its Application to the Integration of Syrian Refugee Children in Turkey

This info pack provides background to the situation of Registered Syrian Refugee Children in Turkey within the framework of the integration policies of the UN and Convention on the Rights of the Child. The psychosocial wellbeing of refugee children is just as important as their physical health. The term “psychosocial wellbeing” is used to reflect […]

Tunisia’s dangerous moment: A self-coup

Many people in Tunisia dream of a change that could address the people’s basic socioeconomic expectations. Saied’s Don-Quixotesque experiments, however, will not fulfil those expectations. On July 25, Tunisian President Kais Saied announced that he had frozen the parliament, dismissed the prime minister, and removed the immunity of the members of the parliament by invoking […]

Turkey in Africa: A Decade of Turkish Aid and State-Building in Somalia

This policy outlook assesses three dimensions of Turkey’s engagement in Somalia, in a bid to gauge to what extent Ankara’s decade of aid and state-building in Somalia has been effective. Over the past decade, Turkish engagement in Somalia has served bilateral relations well. Somalia benefits from Turkish aid projects to help avert famines and fuel […]


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