Twitter’s acquisition by Elon Musk and the impact on the Global South

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has been tumultuous, to say the least. Twitter Verification has been rolled out and everyone interested in the service can pay $8 a month to get verified and receive benefits, such as the coveted blue tick, with a potential for higher visibility and reach on the platform. In theory, verification will result […]

Turkish version of the report Disability and the Public Sphere: Engellilik ve Kamusal Alan

Engelli bireyler, çok geniş bir yelpazedeki yetenekleri, yaşları, ırkları, etnik kökenleri, dinleri ve sosyoekonomik geçmişleri temsil eden küresel nüfus içindeki en büyük ve en çeşitli azınlıklardan biridir. Dünya nüfusunun tahminen %15’i bir tür engellilikle yaşamaktadır ve bu bireylerin %2 ila %4’ü işlevsellikte önemli zorluklar çekmektedir. Bu minvalde bireyler, toplumlar ve hükümetler olarak kendimize şu soruları […]

Violence against women persists, so what now?

This year 25th of November has marked the first day of the 16 days of activism against VAWG (Violence against women and girls), which will end on the 10th of December (International Human Rights Day).  Despite awareness about the issue — 155 countries have passed laws on domestic violence, and 140 have legislation about sexual […]


The national and international data show that the Turkish education system has improved significantly in the last two decades. In this context, Türkiye has experienced a significant transformation since the 2000s to increase access to education and educational equality in opportunity. To achieve this, investments in education increased in parallel with the budget of the Ministry of […]

Football and Media: Qatar and the World Cup

Dr. Tarek Cherkaoui hosts Dr. Danyel Reiche, a leading international academic in sports and policy. Dr. Danyel Reiche will help us to navigate some of the media criticism against Qatar as this country is hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Qatar has been hit by an unprecedented negative campaign over the football world cup. We […]

The France-Germany Rift: Rationale and Insights

This policy outlook explores the sources of the tension between Paris and Berlin. While both capitals are at the heart of the European project, issues have been simmering between the two sides about the Russia-Ukraine War, energy policies, arms procurement, stimulus packages, foreign affairs, and the EU enlargement. However, there are strategic root causes for […]

Regulating Digital Platforms: A Limitation to Freedom of Expression?

Internet, social media, and digital platforms, which have become a part of daily life thanks to technological developments, are at the centre of some critical discussions regarding both their advantages and disadvantages to society. In this new era, where access to information has become more accessible thanks to digitalization, it has become much easier to […]

Disability and the Public Sphere

People with disabilities are among the largest and most diverse minorities within the global population, representing various abilities, ages, races, ethnicities, religions and socioeconomic backgrounds. An estimated 15% of the world’s population lives with some form of disability, in which 2 to 4% of these individuals experience significant difficulties in functioning. Thus, we need to […]

World Cup 2022: ‘Hypocrite West’ ignores Qatar’s progress on human rights

The Western world’s criticism of the Gulf country hosting the football World Cup – mostly over claims about human rights violations – only exposes the moral bankruptcy of countries which have a lot of soul-searching to do. Over the past few weeks, Western criticism of Qatar over human rights and individual freedom have intensified into […]

The New York Times and the Dehumanisation of the Taksim Terror Attack Victims

Common people around the world expect well-known Western news organisations to provide them with objective and balanced reporting of events by providing facts, data, and information. This expectation is underpinned by the fact that journalistic ethics are taught in their early careers. The ethics of covering terrorist attacks has been long debated. Given that violent […]


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