Turkey as a Donor Country: Aid Allocation Patterns

This paper seeks to examine changes and transformations of Turkish foreign policy and its repercussions on the country’s foreign aid allocation patterns through the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA). The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) was established in 1992. From Central Asia and the Balkans, Africa, and various other regions of the world, […]

Shifting Paradigms in International Refugee Law: Will the Right to Asylum Survive?

This discussion paper will focus on the shift of paradigm in the practice of international humanitarian law regarding the protection of refugees. The new “mixed migration” approach embraced by the UNHCR, which focuses on distinguishing between “illegal migrants” and “genuine refugees”, jeopardizes the aforementioned principles by restricting them solely to those who are identified as […]

Ahmed Gatnash speaks on the fight against authoritarianism

Elif Zaim and Michael Arnold talk with Ahmed Gatnash, co-founder of Kawaakibi Foundation, about the struggle against authoritarianism in the MENA region. On this episode Elif and Michael talk with Ahmed Gatnash, co-founder of Kawaakibi Foundation about his new book ‘The Middle East Crisis Factory’ co-authored with Iyad El Baghdadi. They discuss the main themes […]

AUKUS and the Return of Balance of Power Politics

This policy outlook examines the enhanced trilateral security partnership (AUKUS) signed by the US, the UK and Australia through the lens of balance of power politics and aims to analyse its implications for the regional order in the Indo-Pacific. Scholars have long debated the reasons for the absence of balancing coalitions among regional countries against […]

Libya’s election postponement farce: where do we go from here?

From the beginning, the election process in Libya was convoluted, confused, lacked clarity and transparency.  After weeks of uncertainty, Libya‘s electoral commission recently suggested the elections be pushed back by a month to 24 January, owing to a lack of preparation and disagreements between different political forces on the legal basis of the poll. These elections were meant to […]

A Short-Term Assessment of Global Climate Change: Impacts and Policy Recommendations

This discussion paper seeks to examine some of the short-term effects of climate change and offer some policy tools that should be urgently implemented. The institutional dimension of international climate change governance remained protracted because of the very incompatibility between emission targets and economic interests of the parties which are predominantly shaped by business actors […]

Voiceless no more: The Russell Tribunal on Kashmir

Civil society initiatives, such as Russell’s tribunal on Kashmir, enable human rights defenders and free societies to step up to the plate, hold criminal perpetrators to account even when international courts and organisations are paralysed. Amidst the international community’s apathy and the ineptitude of international courts to take on genocide and war crimes, how can […]

Tarek Megerisi speaks about Libya’s election prospects

Elif Zaim and Michael Arnold talk with Tarek Megerisi, senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, about Libya’s election prospects. On this episode Elif Zaim and Michael Arnold talk with Tarek Megerisi, a senior policy fellow with the North Africa and Middle East programme at the European Council on Foreign Relations about […]

Examining the Narratives around Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

This paper discusses how the Western media has used the discourse around women’s rights to justify the US invasion of Afghanistan and how that has shaped concerns around the future of Afghan women today. This paper will analyse how women in Afghanistan were presented prior to the 2001 war, what happened during the war, and […]


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