Selçuk Aydın

Selçuk Aydın is a Researcher at TRT World Research Centre. He has presented, conducted projects and published articles, book chapters and opinions on Turkey's history, Turkish diaspora in the UK and Middle East. His research interests are colonialism, Middle Eastern politics and history, Islamic and Kurdish movements, diaspora, institutional, and security studies. Selçuk holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the Faculty of Political Science at Ankara University, a Master’s Degree in Political Economy of the Middle East from King’s College London University, and is currently a PhD candidate at the Defence Studies Department in the School of Security Studies at King’s College London University. His PhD thesis’ title is “Post-Ottoman States and Kurdish Movements: A Comparatively Analysis of Single Party Regime in Turkey (1923-1945), British Mandate Regime in Iraq (1920-1932) and French Mandate Regime in Syria (1923-1946).”
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