An Interview on Sweden’s NATO Bid and the Strategic Calculus Behind It with Klaus Jurgens

    Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, neighbouring countries Finland and Sweden quickly expressed their intention to join NATO, a military defence organization, due to feeling threatened. Following the trilateral memorandum, which pledged to combat terrorism, Turkey gave the green light to Finland’s and then Sweden’s NATO membership. Joining NATO entails sharing intelligence, ensuring military technology compatibility, and cooperating closely on various matters, ushering in a new chapter in Turkey’s relations with these two countries. As Sweden and Finland finalize their NATO accession, the alliance’s membership will reach 32 countries this autumn. While this development may cause concerns for Russia, facing increased NATO presence on its borders, there’s a strategic calculus behind Sweden’s NATO membership. Communications Strategist and Political Analyst Klaus Jurgen addressed three questions about what Sweden’s involvement in NATO means for its relations with Turkey, NATO, and Russia.

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