Info Packs

The disqualification and 10 year imprisonment of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif just three weeks before the elections has raised doubts and questions whether an efficient level of governance can be achieved. Uncertainties and military interventions in civilian government have resulted in no prime minister being able to serve his full term in office.

On July 1st Mexicans will have the opportunity to renew their government at the municipal, state and federal level. More than 3,400 elected offices are up for grabs, which makes it the biggest election in Mexico’s history.

This info-pack provides information on the significance of Turkey's upcoming election, the electoral process for electing the president and members of parliament, and the presidential candidates.

TRT World Research Centre’s report on the constitutional amendment explains what the proposed changes mean for the country’s political future. Discussed in the light of previous referenda, the report illustrates debates around the shift to a presidential system.